Park for free at a BeeRides location and rent at one of our other locations for 10% less!

Rent a car at the airport!

Earn money with your car!

Car rental at the airport

Park and monetize your car with BeeRides!

Affordable car rental at the airport

Park for free and earn money by renting out your car!

Choose a car from our offer!

Select the most convenient car, date and location!

Rent and pay easily online!

Please provide your personal details together with the payment information. At BeeRides you can rent and pay only online! In the confirmation e-mail we share all the details of your rental with you!

Collect the rental car anytime, no queuing!

Please, enter your confirmation code to use our Smart Locker ! You will find the car key and document in it. It's operable 7/24. There is no administration or staff at the parking station, everything is fully automated.

Drive safe!

Thank you for renting a car with us! We hope you will take care of it as its owner. Should the car be damaged, on top of repair costs you will have to pay the handling fee to BeeRides.

List your car

Please provide the details of your parking transaction (where and for how long you would like to park) and register it on our website easily. In the confirmation e-mail you will receive a transaction code, please keep it safe!

Arrive to our parking lot

There is no administration or staff at our parking lot. With your transaction code you will be able to open the Smart Locker and drop your car key and document. Please close the door and you are ready to leave.

We check out your car

Our garage master will check your car and makes photo documentation of it. Your car is now ready to be rented out. While you are away, your car will earn money for you.

We transfer your earnings!

After the rental your car will be a waiting for you cleaned. The money your car made for you will be shortly on your bank account.

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