Frequently asked questions regarding renting a car with BeeRides

How does the rental process work at BeeRides?

  1. Use our search bar to select where and when you need a car, choose from our inventory!

  2. After choosing a car you are directed to the rental preview page whereby you can get and have to provide further information and the electronic contract is concluded. Among others you have the opportunity to choose the extras you need (baby seat, GPS, highway vignette, insurance packages etc.)

    It is important that you provide the data of the primary driver (name, e-mail, address, phone number). Should the e-mail address not be available in our database (there is no valid BeeRides user associated), BeeRides automatically creates a new user account with the e-mail address provided by you, and send you a notification e-mail to change the default password. Should there be a valid user registration associated with the e-mail address given by you, we connect the rent to this, and the rental request can be processed without signing in.

    As you can only pay with bank card at BeeRides, you have to provide your bank card details (card number, your name, expiry, CVC code). It is important to know that BeeRides is not storing any of your bank card details. Card data is provided to your bank via an external, secured and safe payment service provider partner company of BeeRides. Unauthorized persons may not get access to this data.

    This is when you have to approve the Broker contract's GTC, the Rental contract's GTC, and the Privacy Policy. All these 3 documents can be read, downloaded or printed. After accepting the GTCs and the Privacy Policy the Broker Contract and the Rental Contract between you and BeeRides enters into force.

    After your approval BeeRides charges your bank card with the calculated rental fee. The deposit amount is blocked 72 hours prior to the commencement of the rental by BeeRides. Please provide sufficient coverage on your bank account!

  3. Thereafter our system confirms you the successful car rental transaction via e-mail and asking you to provide some further information. Should you not be able to provide the requested information, you will be allowed to arrange this until one day before the rental commences. The provision of all this information takes about 5-10 minutes.

  4. Should you have completed all the above tasks, all you have to do is to arrive at the BeeRides parking lot on time and collect the rental car.

Where is the BeeRides parking location?

Where to find us in Dusseldorf?

The parking lot is 2 minutes away from the main terminal of Düsseldorf Airport. Our round-the-clock shuttle service is available for all renting and parking clients immediately upon arrival.

Our colleagues speak English and German at this location.

Our address is Kieshecker Weg 120, 40468 Dusseldorf, Germany.

Click the map below to enlarge.

A map of the selected parking lot: Kieshecker Weg 120, 40468 Dusseldorf, Germany
Where to find us in Dortmund?

Our parking lot is directly at the Dortmund Airport. Our parking spaces are located in parking location P1 on the level 0 and are designated with our company name and logo. Our smart locker for dropping and collecting car key is located on the departure level at the main information desk of the airport.

Our colleagues speak German and English at this location.

Our address is Flughafen Dortmund, Flugplatz 21, 44319 Dortmund, Germany.

Click the map below to enlarge.

A map of the selected parking lot: Flughafen Dortmund, Flugplatz 21, 44319 Dortmund, Germany
Where to find us in Budapest?

The parking lot is 6 minutes away from the main terminal of Liszt Ferenc International Airport. Our round-the-clock shuttle service is available for all renting and parking clients immediately upon arrival.

Our colleagues speak English and Hungarian at this location.

Our address is Lőrinci utca 55, Vecsés, H-2220, Hungary.

Click the map below to enlarge.

A map of the selected parking lot: Lőrinci utca 55, Vecsés, H-2220, Hungary.
Where to find us in Berlin?

The parking lot is 1 km (2 minutes away by car) from Berlin Schonefeld Airport (SXF) Terminals. Our round-the-clock shuttle service is available for all renting and parking clients immediately upon arrival.

Our local partners speak German and English at this location.

Our address is Wassmannsdorfer Chaussee 18, Schonefeld, Germany.

Click the map below to enlarge.

A map of the selected parking lot: Wassmannsdorfer Chaussee 18, Schonefeld, Germany

How can I pick-up my car?

Once you arrive to our location, you will find our smart locker at the designated area and you will be able to collect the key and car document with your confirmation code that you received via e-mail priorhand.

What is the smart locker?

Smart locker is a cabinet with numbered doors and touch screen on it and it is responsible for the automated express key collection and drop off at BeeRides. At the time of arrival at the parking lot, you should search for the smart locker to enter the 8-digit confirmation code (sent via e-mail). If the code is correct the locker opens and you will be able to collect or drop off your key and car document. The code is the same at the beginning and at the end of the rental.

BeeRides smart locker

What times are you open?

You can come anytime; we are open 24/7, 365 days a year!

How can I change or cancel my reservation?

If you have any questions or changes before the rental starts, please modify your reservation on our site, notify us at, or call us at BeeRides customer service

. When you change your reservation, the difference between the current and the previously calculated rates will be charged.

Our cancellation policy is as follows:

  • no cancellation fee up to 48 hours prior the reservation starts
  • there will be 3 day's rent charged, if the cancellation is requested within 48 hours (in case the rental is shorter the total amount of the reservation will be charged)
  • should you forget to cancel your reservation and do not show up for picking up the car, you will lose the entire amount of the rental already paid during the online contracting.

What if I would like to extend my rental?

The most important is to contact us at BeeRides customer service

. We will do our best to find a convenient solution. Please note that surcharges may apply to late returns according to our GTC.

When will I need to pay for the rental?

At the time of your booking online we will charge the rental fee to your bank card.

Can I pay with cash?

No, unfortunately not. You will be able to pay only by credit or debit card. We accept Visa, Master Card and American Express.

How do I get my invoice?

A few days after you return the car to us you get an invoice from us of your car rental. This will give you the details of the costs associated with your car rental (rental charges, extra charges, overdrive and extra costs – if applicable).

When will you block the deposit on my card and what will be the amount?

We will try to block the deposit on the provided bank card 72 hours before your rental starts. If we fail to block the amount 12 hours before the rental start you will be not able to collect the keys from the smart locker. The amount of the deposit is depending on the size of the car. To reduce your deposit you will be able to buy deposit reduction during the reservation process.

When will you release my deposit?

If you did not commit any traffic offence or damage the car, we will release your deposit after the rental in 10 days. Please note that the release is also depending on your bank, and may last up to 3 weeks.

What kind of insurance do I get to the car?

We provide the compulsory third party liability insurance to the car. We do not oblige you to buy further insurance option from us, but in the event of an accident you will be liable for all the damages caused to the car.

Should you need higher level of protection you can choose from 2 options. For a basic fee you can limit your liability to your deposit amount (deductible), or with our premium insurance you can even decrease your deposit amount (lower deductible) so as you only have concentrate on your trip.

What is the amount of the deductible?

If you do not buy any of our insurance options during online contracting you are responsible up to the total value of the car.

If you buy an insurance option your deductible is the same as the amount of the deposit. The amount of the deposit is depending on the car category and of its age, it is between 350 and 800 EUR. For further details please refer to the information during online contracting.

Do you have GPS in your cars?

Not all the cars have integrated GPS System. We can provide you a mobile GPS device for a fee, if your request it during your reservation process.

Do you provide baby/child seats or booster?

During the reservation process you can request baby seat, child seat or booster seat for a fee. Please note that BeeRides does install the seats, they are only put in the car, the driver should fix it before the ride.

Can I travel to other countries with a rented car?

Yes, for a fee. Please indicate your request during the reservation process. Such countries include EU members and countries of the European Economic Area, furthermore Albania, Andorra, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Monaco, Montenegro, San Marino, Switzerland, Serbia, Kosovo, Turkey and the Vatican plus Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein, but do not include the Turkish Republic of Northern-Cyprus.

Does my rental include highway vignette?

Your rental does not automatically include highway vignette, you have to request this during the reservation process for a fee.

Can I add additional driver to my rental?

Yes! BeeRides allows renters to have additional drivers for a fee. You can indicate such a request of yours during rental checkout or contact us with your request at least 24 hours prior to your arrival at You will need to provide the following data about your additional driver: Name, ID number, and driver's license number.

What kind of extras can I book additionally to my rental? What are the prices?

You can buy the following extras during online contracting:

  • Wash
  • Transfer (from and to the airport)
  • Insurance
  • Insurance with deposit reduction
  • GPS
  • Baby-,and childseat, booster seat
  • Highway vignette short (1-9 days)
  • Highway vignette medium (10-30 days)
  • Highway vignette long(30+ days)
  • Border crossing
  • Additonal/secondary driver

Prices of services depend on the start and end time of the rental, and the rented car.

What is the fair fuel policy at BeeRides?

You need to bring back your car with at least as much fuel as you took it. If you fail to do so, you will be charged. Please see the detailes in our GTC. Our staff will register the fuel level after you return.

What kind of fuel should I put into the car?

If it is not obvious for you what is the fuel type (petrol, diesel) of the car, please double check it the registration certificate or contact our BeeRides customer service


Can I smoke in the car?

All of our cars are non-smoking. If you violate this policy, you will be fined as of our GTC concerning the Broker contract to cover the appropriate cleaning.

Can I bring my puppy and travel with it in the car?

No, unfortunately not. Any animals are prohibited to carry in the car. If you violate this policy, you will be fined as of our GTC concerning the Broker contract to cover the appropriate cleaning. Thank you for your understanding!

What constitutes a major violation?

The following list can give you a good idea, however, it is neither exhaustive, nor exclusive:

  • speeding over 15% of the limit
  • racing
  • further hiring out a rented car
  • providing any kind of commercial services with a hired car
  • failing to stop at a red light
  • failing to stop at the scene of an accident
  • driving under influence of alcohol or drugs
  • overtaking an emergency vehicle
  • hit and run
  • driving without a valid driving licence
  • disregarding police control

What to do if I've been involved in an accident?

First, please call the local emergency number (112 in Europe) if anyone has been injured, and try to help the injured people as much as you can. Right after that, please call BeeRides customer service

. We will notify the necessary parties including emergency services and roadside assistance if needed. Also we will help you to make all the necessary statements and paperwork. In case your car is not roadworthy, we will provide you a substitute car to continue your journey. Our goal is to ensure that both you and the car owner shall be fully protected.

What should I do at a technical breakdown?

If the problem is not a major failure of the car and it is does not represent a risk to the road traffic (especially to those on the road), please report this issue via email or call us at BeeRides Customer Service. If the vehicle is no longer roadworthy, please call our Assistance Service by dialing our central telephone number and select the appropriate menu or find the direct phone number on the key ring of the car.

What happens if I break any traffic rules?

If you break any traffic rule the authorities will send the fines to the car owner, who will forward it to us. As soon as we receive the ticket we will charge the amount to your deposit. Also you will be charged with the administration fee additionally as of our GTC concerning the Broker contract.

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