Frequently asked questions by car owners

How does the BeeRides parking work?

  1. You have to register on the BeeRides web site first to use the BeeRides parking services.

  2. When you park with us, the contracting process will be as follows:

    Please fill-in your car and arrival data on the home page in the upper part under the section Park!

    This is when you have to approve the Assignment contract's GTC, the Rental contract's GTC, and the Privacy Policy. All these 3 documents can be read, downloaded or printed. After accepting the GTCs and the Privacy Policy the Assignment contract between you and BeeRides enters into force. The car rental agreement between you and the future renter is entering into force once BeeRides signs the rental agreement with the future renter in your name. After 30.09.2016. no paper-based contracting is available anymore at BeeRides.

  3. Following this, our system confirms your successful parking registration and asks you to provide some further personal and car data.

    It is important that here you give data about the car owner or the operator, and if needed upload the completed and signed documents (authorization, power of attorney). Feel free to use our document generator to produce these documents.

    Additionally, you have to upload the pictures of the car registration document, and the policy of the third party liability insurance.

    Should you not be able to enter the requested data at the time of your online parking booking, you will have the opportunity to arrange it later up until the day before the commencement of your parking on our web site under the parking section in your personal menu. To fill all data takes not more than 5 minutes.

  4. Once it’s all done you only have to arrive to the BeeRides’ parking station on time, with the registered car.

Where is the BeeRides parking location?

Where to find us in Budapest?

The parking lot is 6 minutes away from the main terminal of Liszt Ferenc International Airport. Our round-the-clock shuttle service is available for all renting and parking clients immediately upon arrival.

Our colleagues speak English and Hungarian at this location.

Our address is Lőrinci utca 55, Vecsés, H-2220, Hungary.

Click the map below to enlarge.

Where to find us in Dortmund?

Our parking lot is directly at the Dortmund Airport. Our parking spaces are located in parking location P1 on the level 0 and are designated with our company name and logo. Our smart locker for dropping and collecting car key is located on the departure level at the main information desk of the airport.

Our colleagues speak German and English at this location.

Our address is Flughafen Dortmund, Flugplatz 21, 44319 Dortmund, Germany.

Click the map below to enlarge.

What is the smart locker?

Smart locker is a cabinet with numbered doors and touch screen on it and it is responsible for the automated express key collection and drop off at BeeRides. At the time of arrival to the parking lot, you should search for the smart locker to enter the 8-digit confirmation code (sent via e-mail). If the code is correct the locker opens and you will be able to collect or drop off your key and car document. The code is the same at the beginning and at the end of the parking.

What times are you open?

You can come anytime; we are open 24/7, 365 days a year!

How can I drop off my car?

You can only leave the car at the BeeRides parking lot. After your arrival, please park your car at the designated BeeRides parking places and leave the car key and car documents in the smart locker. Our garage master will check the car within 48 hours and make a photo documentation of it, which is available for you under your profile on our website.

How can I modify or delete my parking?

After signing in you can modify your parking data under Parkigns on our web site in your profile according to our prevailing GTC.

What kind of cars can I list?

There are only a few criteria to list your car:

  • it must have valid car registration document, compulsory liability insurance and should be registratered in the country of the BeeRides parking location to be used (foreign number plate is not accepted)
  • It must be younger than 15 years
  • total mileage should be below 350 000 km
  • it must have a book value of less than EUR 40 000 (according to our insurance policy)
  • it does not have more than 9 seats (including driver’s seat) and can be driven with a category B driver license
  • it must be roadworthy which means it is well maintained, in proper technical and aesthetic condition.

Please note that our insurance provider is continuously updating the list of eligible cars. If you are uncertain, you can always contact us at

What should I do with registration and insurance cards?

At parking using you will have to leave your car documents (registration and insurance documents) in the smart locker. Once you return to pick up your car you will be able to collect them also from the smart locker.

How does fair fuel policy works?

We’ll register the level of fuel after the take over of your car. Renters are expected to return the car with the same amount of fuel as they got this, just as with a standard rental car. If they return it with less, we will refill your tank

In order to avoid any disputes, we suggest to arrive with full tank to our parking station.

How does my insurance work? Is my insurance policy affected in any way in case of any accident happens?

We at BeeRides provides full scope insurance for our parking cars [only applicable to rented cars in Germany], therefore you have nothing to worry about. In case your car is damaged in an accident, the cost of repair will be fully covered by BeeRides supported by its insurance policy. However, the liability insurance of your car shall be involved in case of any third party claims in an accident. In this case BeeRides will do its best to compensate you for any consequences with your insurance company. For further information, please see our insurance page.

Who is the contracting party?

The contracting party is always the person, who receives the rental revenue.

What happens if the car owner is a company?

In every case when the contracting party is not the owner of the vehicle, the car owner (a company in this case) has to fill in and sign a Power of Attorney document (Usage Agreement). Please note that we can only accept a POA in a form created with the BeeRides template available on our web page.

Should the owner like to authorize a company for the usage of the vehicle, the PoA should be filled-in accordingly.

The contracting party is responsible for the contractual obligations deriving from the Assignment Agreement and the contracting party is entitled to the rental revenues.

How can someone else park my car at BeeRides?

In every case when the contracting party is not the owner of the vehicle, the car owner has to fill in and sign a Power of Attorney document (Usage Agreement). Please note that we can only accept a POA in a form created with the BeeRides template available on our web page.

The contracting party is responsible for the contractual obligations deriving from the Assignment Agreement and the contracting party is entitled to the rental revenues.

Can I set the price for my car?

No. Prices of car rentals are highly dynamic and change multiple times per day. In order to ensure the highest chance of your car being rented, our system sets and changes the price of vehicles people have listed so that our prices are the most competitive with the current offerings from nearby car rental companies. Of course there are cars which are more popular amongst renters. Feel free to contact us at

How many kilometers will my car run?

Renters are allowed to drive up to 150 km a day during their rental. One day is defined to be a period of 24 consecutive hours. Should the renter exceed the km limit taking into consideration the length of the rental period, we will charge extra fee for this, which is shared with you.

What If my car was towed for inappropriate parking?

Nothing that you should worry about! We will arrange the release of your car. If for any reason you will not be able to get it back when you return, we will provide you a substitute car and work out the details together how to deliver your car back to you.

Can I leave my belongings in the car?

We kindly ask you to empty all your valuables from the car. Unfortunately we cannot take responsibility for the belongings left in the car.

What if a valet driver damages my car?

We have selected our drivers very carefully, and they have experience in handling cars. However, should something happen to your car while it is with us, we will compensate you for this.

What if my car is stolen during the parking?

We notify the police about the theft, and also inform them about the last known location of your car via our fleet tracking system. We will also sort out everything with the insurance company, who provides recovery of the value of your car according to the insurance policy. However, it is important that you present all original keys that you were provided with (except the one you left with us) as this is a requirement of our insurance company. If you need more information on this please contact us at

What if I get ticket for the rental period?

Renters are responsible for paying any tickets or fines they incur during their rent. If you receive a ticket, for example, for speeding or unpaid parking, please email it to us to or call the BeeRides customer service

. Please also notify us if you already paid for the fine. In either case, we will fully reimburse you!

What do I get beyond free parking?

We provide you free airport transfer between the nearby airport and our parking lot both directions. Airport transfer isn't available when our location is at an airport directly. Furthermore we will wash your car, in case the parking period is longer than 7 days or if the car was rented out during the parking.

Is my parking still free, if my car was not rented out?

Yes! You will not pay for parking at BeeRides (unless you forget to prolong your parking and do not show up, within 24 hours after the expiry of the parking contract.)

How do I report a damage after my car is returned?

Please email us at with the description and photos (if applicable) of the damage of your car within 24 hours after your car is returned. We will contact you accordingly and help you to solve any problems.

What if I return earlier from my trip?

If it's only up to 2 hours early, we will probably have your car prepared for parking out. If you have a more significant schedule change, we may not be able to give back your car when you return. Please inform us of schedule changes as early as possible in order to find the most convenient solution for you.

What if I return late from my trip?

Please inform us as soon as possible of your late return. We are open 24/7. For the first 24 hours of delay we will not charge a parking fee if you inform us in advance.

What if my car returns late?

Generally, we request our renters to return the car at least 4 hours before the owner is due to arrive to have enough time to do the administration and clean it spotless. However, if for any reason we cannot provide your own car back upon your arrival, we will arrange a substitute car and keep in touch with you to work out your own car's return.

Can someone else pick up my car?

We can release your car to those who know the transaction code which is used to open our smart locker. So please, be very careful with who you share your transaction code with.

What if a renter makes mess in my car?

After rentals we clean the cars inside and outside and ensure that your car will be at least as clean as it was when you left it with us. However, if a renter makes extra mess in your car and we will not be able to have it properly cleaned before your arrival, we will provide you a substitute car and work out the details together how to deliver your car, properly cleaned.

How much money can I earn by parking at BeeRides?

You will get paid based on sharing of rental revenues realized with your car during your parking at BeeRides. For parking longer than a month you can have a guaranteed minimum fee.

Please refer to our payout calculator for our current rates on our web site.

(Please note that earnings may vary in different locations and periods.)

In case you would like to park more car at us, you can even get fix monthly income. Please, contact us at

How do I get paid?

We transfer your earnings to your bank account within a few days after parking out from our parking lot. There is no cash payment. If you are parking for long term, we will transfer your money monthly at the beginning of the month.