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Traveling to Hungary over Easter? Enjoy our hand-picked list of the top destinations

There is not too much time left until Easter when you will get the chance to relax for a couple of days. The best to enjoy your time off is to be active and to recharge yourself with new experiences. Even if you hit the road with your partner, you travel with the kids or with your extended family and friends; there is a large selection of activities to enjoy in Hungary. And the best part is that you can reach all these destinations easily with a rental car from BeeRides!

A romantic getaway

The Festetics Castle in Keszthely and the thermal lake in Hévíz

On the shore of Lake Balaton, you will find the perfect getaway with your partner. The Festetics Palace in Keszthely and the park around it provides a real journey back to the romantic era of the 1700s. Apart from visiting the beautiful and spacy rooms of the castle, you can also enjoy long strolls in the park that will await you in its spring colors. From Keszthely, it only takes 10 minutes to drive over to Hévíz where you can enjoy taking a swim in the largest thermal lake in Europe.

Show jumping in the castle of Diósgyőr

This medieval fortress was built in 1271 in gothic style and it does not only await you to spend some time discovering it but it also provides some activities on Easter Monday. If you enjoy equestrian races, on April 2nd, there will be a show jumping equestrian race in the castle which will be on display free of charge.

The picturesque Szilvásvárad and the surrounding national park

A quick, one-hour-drive away from the Budapest Airport, you will find a real gem: Szilvásvárad. You can leave behind the city and get to enjoy nature to the fullest. In Szilvásvárad you will find a number of natural wonders like the Szalajka-valley and the Fátyol-waterfall that are among some of the most peaceful sights of Hungary.

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Activities with children

Explore the zoo with your kids in Budapest, Nyíregyháza or Veszprém

You can practically take on any direction from the capital and you will find an amazing zoo awaiting you. If you do not want to go too far then you can always visit the Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden, on the other hand, the Sóstó Zoo in Nyíregyháza or the Kittenberger Kálmán Zoo and Botanical Garden in Veszprém are also open the whole weekend and offer activities for the entire family.

A land of adventure awaits you in the Round Forest Adventure Park of Debrecen

If your kids are full of energy and excitement for the long weekend, then it could be a great idea to visit the Round Forest Adventure Park of Debrecen. This place offers activities for all ages and all parts of the family. You can ride around on a paddle boat, ride a pony, or enjoy a unique 5D cinema projection.

Renaissance morning for children in the Castle of Gyula

Gyula might be an option for a longer trip as well where next to discovering its surroundings, you can also enjoy an offer of Renaissance-themed activities on the morning of Easter Saturday. You can dress up according to the Renaissance fashion together with your kids or you can visit the guided tours to explore the blacksmith’s workshop as well as the castle bakery.

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Adventure with family and friends

Easter? Then visit Hollókő, a UNESCO World Heritage!

If you are up to experiencing the real Hungarian Easter traditions, then the place to visit is definitely Hollókő. From our parking lot at the Budapest airport, you can visit this beautiful location with a bit more than a one-hour drive. Every year there is the Easter parade where the village takes everyone back in time to experience how Hungarians celebrated Easter a century ago.

Adventure time in Lillafüred

The Adventure Park in Lillafüred presents a wide range of options for everyone. Over Easter, you can also enjoy some special activities like a 12 meter controlled freefall jump, laser tag, and an escape room if you decide to visit this location close to Miskolc.

Active holiday in the hills

For people who prefer an active getaway over Easter, the Rám Gorge presents an excellent option. You can choose between a 7-km-long route for active travelers or a 17-km-long route for people experienced with longer nature walks to get to the beautiful gorge.

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This time something new at Easter

Easter cruise with wine tasting on the Danube.

It’s an ideal way to see the World Heritage-listed sites (Buda Castle, the Parlement, Gellért Hill) and city space lying on the banks of the river. A four-course warm buffet dinner will be served and live music will be played by the Hungarian Orchestra. You will also receive a small Easter surprise, in order to take home to remind you of this wonderful moment in Budapest.

Easter Festival in Budapest:

In the Várket Bazar at the foot of the Castle Hill in Buda gives a home to a colorful festival at Easter on 20-21 April 2019. Folk dance, concerts, family and gastronomy programs will wait for the people at this amazing event. The entrance is free, it’s a perfect opportunity in order to spend a great time with friends or family.

Lake Balaton:

Balaton Lake is the largest freshwater lake in Europe. This amazing destination attracts every year thousands of people come here from every spring to autumn to enjoy this beautiful landscape. Windsurfing, sailing, fishing, water sports, this area offers many things to do in the family or with friends. The citites around the lake, like Siófok or Hévíz wait for everybody with an exciting Easter program.

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