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The road to Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport was full of compromises until now!

Summer is here again and owing to the increasing number of low-cost airlines, you can spend your holiday in beautiful countries, like Italy or France. Regardless whether you are a first-time flyer or you fly routinely, usually the following options come to one’s mind first:

  • Public transport
  • Taxi
  • Transfer services
  • Parking at the airport
  • Asking a family member or a friend

There is one common feature of the above-listed options: taking a compromise. You can only get two out of the trinity of comfort, price, and flexibility.


Why is that so? Let’s examine the options in detail:

1. Public transport

There are two bus stops at the terminals of Budapest Airport. One of them is the end stop of the bus line 200E, which departs from the Kőbánya-Kispest stop, where the metro line M3 ends. The other one is the end stop of the 100E bus line, which departs from the city center at Deák square. If you want to take the 200E, then you need to validate a normal bus ticket that costs 350 HUF (around 1,20 EUR). Meanwhile, the 100E has a higher price at 990 HUF (around 3,30 EUR). The 100E buses have an operating schedule until 1 am, and in that period they run every 20 minutes which does not guarantee that one finds a seat on it. Furthermore, according to the schedule, it takes around 45-50 minutes to reach the airport from the center using public transport, and this can get even more owing to traffic. Thus overall, public transport is one of the cheapest options to reach the airport; however, it is also one of the longest, least flexible and probably the least convenient as well.

2. Taxi

It would not be a surprise if the first colors catching your eye were yellow when your plane lands. Whether you are going to the airport or returning to the city, a cab is a more convenient option than taking the bus; however, it is also a lot more expensive. The current official taxi fare is composed of three parts: a base fee of 700 HUF (2,15 EUR), a per km fee of 300 HUF (0,90 EUR), and an additional 75 HUF (0,24 EUR) per minute waiting fee, in case it is applicable. Thus, a taxi is a convenient way to get to the airport, however it can get expensive with prices up to 8000 HUF (25 EUR) one way.

3. Transfer buses

In terms of price and comfort the transfer bus option lies between the taxi and the public transport. If you are not going to the airport from the districts close to the airport or if you are taking the transfer bus from a city outside of Budapest then the fee can be in the thousands of forints, similar to the taxi. However, the transfer bus collects additional people on its way to the airport which increases the transfer time and requires you to share the space with other passengers who are not your friends or family.

4. Airport parking

At the airport, there are many options to park. Parking can be a comfortable option since you arrive in your car at your own pace. However, even after a long search, you cannot be sure that you have chosen the right parking option regarding location, money, and reliability. For an 8-day-parking at the airport, you can pay up to 26000 HUF (81,25 EUR). If you prefer to park further away from the airport, then you still need to pay between 6200 HUF (19 EUR) and 12500 HUF (39 EUR) which is already similar to the price of a low-cost airplane ticket.

5. Family or friends

If you are traveling by plane, then you might get lucky that a friend or a family member offers you to take you to the terminal, or you could ask for favors. At first, one could think that this way the transfer can be simplified; however, there is a usually overlooked detail: time limit within the terminal pick up and drop off area. Our simple solution can easily become an expensive option if we spend too much time at the park-and -kiss parking. Right now there is a 5-minute limit to parking close to the terminal building. 5 minutes is not a lot of time, and it is only enough for hastily taking out the luggage before departure. At arrival, it is even worse since one cannot estimate the time that it will take to get out of the terminal. If you park more than 5 minutes, then it will automatically cost you 900 HUF (3 EUR), and if the parking time is more than 30 minutes, then you need to pay 1200 HUF (5 EUR).

As already mentioned at the beginning of the article, the airport transfer has three dimensions to consider: price, convenience, and flexibility; however all the options above provide only two of the three dimensions.


From now on, your way to the airport will be free of compromises:

If you choose BeeRides, you can get to the airport from anywhere in the most convenient way: with your car! Your parking is free, and we only ask you to offer your car for rental to incoming tourists at the Airport. If your car is rented out, you will even get half of the rental revenue, so that you can make money that covers some of your holiday costs.

Probably you have the following in your mind at the moment

How much can I save with this?

If you go through the options presented above, it is at least a couple of thousand HUF that you can save which can be even higher together with the revenue sharing. The convenience and flexibility is also a factor that you should count in, even if they cannot be monetarized. You will get to the airport with your car at your own pace, and you can pick up your vehicle whenever you arrive back from your trip.

Is my car protected during the rental?

Of course! All the cars parked with us are protected with a full Allianz CASCO that offers protection up to 6 Mio EUR.

Does BeeRides offer me any guarantees?

If during the rental someone speeds with your car or gets a parking ticket, naturally we will take care of these fines, so that you will not need to spend a single minute with them!

So, if you would like to choose the most convenient way of getting to the airport by getting free parking from BeeRides, click here and park in your car with us now:

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